VPS Control panel Changed IMPORTANT

Vps control panel has been changed and it is now accessible from https://vps.hostdare.comusername : your billing account emailpassword : your old password for vps.hostdare.comThere should be no issues with vpses or data content itself.Possible known issues: 1) If you are unable to reinstall ,please contact us as you may need to setup in a new ... Read More »

27th Dec 2016
Important changes for our Shared Hosting Customers- Please read!

As part of improving our services,we will be upgrading the hardware of our shared hosting server where you are sites are being hosted.We will upgrade our server to a more powerful ssd server with higher amount RAM and powerful CPU.This server is also protected from ddos attacks. We have added cloudlinux and softacolous to all our servers. All ... Read More »

23rd May 2016
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