how to setup ipv6 ?

You can find your ipv6 address from vps panel, remember you must open a support ticket to enable ipv6 at your vps .

First, start and stop the VPS ( do not reboot), once IPv6 is assigned.

You must set up ipv6 manually as static or you will get very high ping and weird networking /slow speed as ipv6 auto setup via DHCP can have the wrong gateway IP.  If you have not set up ipv6 before or do not work with ipv6 , we do not recommend using it .

Prefix length /64

Netmask /64

Gateway :

2607:fcd0:100:b101::1  or

2607:fcd0:100:e::1 or

2607:fcd0:100:b100::1    or



( for example if your assigned ipv6 is 2607:fcd0:100:b100:0000:0000:92fa:ac1a, then gateway is 2607:fcd0:100:b100::1 )

Use your own-risk links below or use google for how to set up ipv6

centos 7/8


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